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Our services are housed in a dedicated area close to the Frankfurt Voxility data center. Thanks to our infrastructure, we provide fast and reliable internet connection to our servers with a total of 1 Gbit and 10 Gbit internet outlets. All of the equipment constituting the main spine is backed up and broadcast in the fastest way. In addition, in order to provide network security, we keep the security of our Voxility 1600 GBps Infrastructure and private firewall services at the highest level.



We serve Dell, HP, IBM, Supermicro brand servers, all of our own. With our infrastructure, Windows, Linux, VMware and XenServer based on you with the highest performance we provide uninterrupted hosting service. The configurations of our servers are Intel i9 and / or Intel X5670, X5675, X5690 - AMD Ryzen, Epcy Processor, Samsung EVO 860 SSD Drives, if SAS is preferred 15K SAS (RAID 0, 5, 10) drives and next generation hardware parts . We always prefer new generation equipment; we provide change at certain intervals.




In order to provide the best service in our dedicated area within the data center we work with, we have working conditions including Ups, air conditioners and generators. In addition, our backup systems prevent interruptions in the event of a possible emergency and ensure the continuity of access. We work with full backup.





operating systems, hosting control panels and support software are used on our servers. With the advantage of being licensed by all the software we use and the advantages of our own systems, software updates can be continuously supplied. All our systems are managed with fully automated panels in industry 4.0 standards, some of which are written by us.